Can you get Bulletproof Coffee in Byron Bay?

Butter Coffee in Byron Bay

As of now, there are two cafes in Byron Bay that makes and serves a buttery blend of coffee: Roadhouse Cafe Bar and Jing Organics.

1. Featured in a few different paleo-aligned news sites online, Roadhouse Cafe seems to be known for healthy, paleo-friendly meals and drinks. Check out their Instagram account (photos below) for a taste of what they serve.

So the coffee is labeled on their menu as “Butter Coffee” and the recipe consists of, “long black coffee blended with local, cultured, grass-fed butter and MCT oil.” It looks like they will add toppings too, based on the photo below.

Saturday’s are all about butter coffees and garage sales 👠 #roadhousebbcoffee

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Roadhouse Cafe Bar is located at 6/142 B62, Byron Bay. View their menu.

2. Jing Organics, 6 Ti-Tree Place, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Jing Organics is a cafe located at Peace and Love Vegetables in Byron Bay. They serve butter coffee using MCT and XCT oils, grass-fed butter, ghee or their own mix of oils (red palm oil, ghee and coconut).

If you can’t find butter coffee at any other cafes, or if Roadhouse and Jing Organics are closed, you can always make it yourself! You can buy Bulletproof coffee online in Australia at OptimOZ along with coffee add-ons, nootropics and keto foods. Just pick up the Upgraded Bulletproof® Coffee beans, some grass-fed butter (or ghee), and Brain Octane (or XCT) oil and blend it in with your coffee. 
Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out our extensive map for finding butter coffee in Australia. Whether you’re from Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, etc. we’ve got you covered here.

Bulletproof Coffee Cafes in Australia

Let us know if any more butter coffee cafes pop up in Byron Bay. Stay Bulletproof!