The Bulletproof Diet: Lifestyle FAQ

Bulletproof Diet Lifestyle

We get asked a few questions about the Bulletproof Diet repeatedly, so we want to share the answers for everyone to see:

Q – Why does Bulletproof Coffee taste gross?

A – Did you put salt in it? That’s probably why. Other faux-pas include simply trying to stir in some butter. This is a recipe for oil-slick coffee, not Bulletproof coffee. Blending is necessary.

Q – How do I know if I am in ketosis?

A – Subjectively: If this is new to you, then you will experience what has become known as the ketosis flu while your body adapts to the change in fuel. As fatty acids are broken down into ketones, acetone is also produced. This produces keto-breath (aka dragon’s breath) and you will know you’re in ketosis when your friends and colleagues start retreating a few steps back. Ketones as brain-fuel are also supposed to help you feel sharper and clear of brain fog.

Objectively: You can check your ketone and glucose levels easily with a FreeStyle Optium Neo or Precision Xtra blood monitor. Other options include urine stick which can measure acetone or an electronic breathalyser called Ketonix.

Q – What is Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting?

A – Bulletproof Fasting is the same as intermittent fasting, except you consume a cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. The healthy fats from grass-fed butter and MCT oil give you a stable current of energy that sustains you through the day. The Bulletproof Coffee Beans optimise brain function and fat loss with high-octane caffeine. The MCT oil also serves to increase ketone production and boosts your metabolic rate. Adding extra MCT oil will promote ketogenesis (the formation of ketones) and provide more of a mental kick.

Q – Will adding protein to my Bulletproof coffee take me out of ketosis?

A – Yes, too much protein can kick you out of ketosis. Though too little protein may cause muscle loss and increased appetite.

Ketosis and protein
Source: Ketogenic Diet & Sports: A Possible Marriage?

If that’s not your primarily goal, then Collagen Hydrolysate is a common protein addition. Some people prefer whey – but note that if you’re using raw un-denatured whey, then you don’t want to add this to a hot coffee because that will sequester the live enzymes. Wait until after blending.

Another option is to add hemp protein to your Bulletproof Coffee. Unlike other high-protein powders available. Hemp protein powders are typically only 50% protein, with the rest being carbs and fibre essential for digestive and cardiovascular health. Hemp contains edestin, a beneficial digestive enzyme. This is just one of many Bulletproof Coffee Recipe ideas.

Q – I think I have adrenal fatigue, maybe hypothyroidism. Can I still drink Bulletproof Coffee?

A – If you suspect you have Adrenal Fatigue, you want to cut everything that could be stressing your adrenal glands and start on new protocols that will help you recover. This means cutting down on caffeine intake, switching to decaf or exploring alternatives that are calming rather than stimulating. An example would be drinking matcha tea which contains less caffeine and also some l-theanine. Being supplementation with nutrients and minerals that have been depleted as a result of stressed adrenals. This will include magnesium and vitamin c. Adaptogens like Ashwagandha or Rhodiola are becoming increasingly popular for their anxiety-reducing effects.

If you’re concerned about adrenal fatigue but aren’t suffering from it yet, then take steps to tame your flight/fight response and save yourself the trouble. Simple ideas include listening to relaxing music with Brain.FM for 15 minutes, Wim Hof Breathing exercises for 1 minute and spending more time outdoors getting your required daily dose of sunshine, ideally in a park, with your shoes off.

An under-active thyroid has been linked to low-carb diets in context of a reduced iodine intake. One of the conundrums of the Bulletproof diet is that while you are eliminating processed foods, your also removing all the iodised salt they contained. In addition, the kidneys tend to excrete salt when you go low-carb, so increasing your salt intake becomes an essential part of your new lifestyle.

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Stay Bulletproof!
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