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How to Stay Bulletproof When You’re Eating Out

Stay Bulletproof When You're Eating Out
We all like to eat out, whether it be with friends, families or work colleagues. I love trying breakfast at the new cafes that are popping up all over the place and having mid-week dinners with my girlfriends. However, navigating a restaurant menu to find a healthy choice can be difficult, time-consuming and (as my partner tells me) annoying to...

Sensory Deprivation Tanks in Australia

Sensory Deprivation Tanks in Australia
Sensory deprivation tanks are an amazing way to hack your mind and your stress levels. Facilities are available all over Australia for you to try them out. “Right off the bat, I found it to be one of the most anxiety reducing experiences I’ve ever had.” - Tim Ferriss Imagine not being able to see, feel, hear, smell or taste...

The Bulletproof Diet: Lifestyle FAQ

Bulletproof Diet Lifestyle
We get asked a few questions about the Bulletproof Diet repeatedly, so we want to share the answers for everyone to see: Q - Why does Bulletproof Coffee taste gross? A - Did you put salt in it? That's probably why. Other faux-pas include simply trying to stir in some butter. This is a recipe for oil-slick coffee, not Bulletproof coffee. Blending...

The Real Reasons Paleo Works

The Real Reasons Paleo Works
This post on "Why Paleo Really Works" was originally published on True Foods Nutrition. Maria Shaflender is a Clinical Nutritionist from Bondi, Sydney. Enter Maria: Paleo has got a lot of press - most of it negative. It has even reached mainstream TV (thanks to Pete Evans:). Paleo has come under a lot of criticism in the media recently and much misinformation is...

Shopping Guide: The Bulletproof Diet in Australia

Shopping for BulletprooFood in Australia
Here are the most frequent questions we come across on shopping for the Bulletproof Diet in Australia: Q - Which brands of butter are grass-fed in Australia? A - Pepe Saya, Organic Times, Paris Creek, Westgold, Myrtleford, Woolworths Homebrand, Primal Collective (ghee), True Organic, Mainland Organic and Ashgrove. Here's a more detailed article on buying grass-fed butter in Australia. Q - Is salted...

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